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At UCP we love to help our clients/partners buy the right property to maximize their ROI (return on Investment). In order that you feel confident about the deal you are acquiring from our wholesale division property List we have a staff that will do a free investor risk marketing analysis to see if the deal will work for you! We offer a full detailed comparable for the property you are acquiring from our list. We also run a "pre-lending approval" based on the Lender guidelines to give you the MAX initial loan amount based on the ARV (after return value) (65-70%) and if you are buying Cash we still give you an estimate on your ROI. 

If you are a new Investor with no experience, rest assure we will steer you through the whole process! Whether buying or selling, we offer professionally contracted staff with wholesale experience. Working with UCP provides unto your hands the benefits of using their discounts for materials. 

risk market


If you see a property that catches your eye, we can help in analyzing the project for profitability, using on-demand industry data, computer software, and our own experience with current market trends

fast pre-aprovals

Once you’ve selected the property that’s right for you, we can expedite prequalifying you and submitting the offer on your behalf.  When your contract is sent to the Seller, it will include a United Capital Point - Proof of Funds Letter to enhance your chances of offer acceptance.

Every property listed is approved for a UCP loan.  Once the contract is accepted, and you have qualified with us, we will expedite your loan request and ensure a seamless process from underwriting all the way to closing.

lending at your reach

start receiving our daily property deals

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get access to daily deals on properties ready for investment! 

Learn the Basics

Watch and read a breakdown of the differences in financing options, profit strategies, and general rules-of-thumb when considering hard-money financing.

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